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My Hockey Mentor

Guidance is huge in the world of sports, and in everything else as well.  I am fortunate to have someone who has guided me thru hockey ever since I was young.  It's funny, the lessons may have changed a bit.  But, in the end, it all comes down to the same little things.  You have to build a foundation, one that will stand up to all the challenges that come your way.

Charlie Klingfus is my hockey mentor.  When I was a kid, he was perched over my shoulder constantly challenging me to look at the whole ice.  He would slow me down, (which was tough to do), actually discuss what was going on, and help me to see that there is so much more than just what's around the puck.  Work ethic, accountability, problem solving, and above all respect for your teammates and your coaches.  

A few weeks back, I was really challenged with my team.  On my way to the game, I called Charlie.  In between laughing about silly stuff we've been a part of, he always gives me these perfect nuggets to learn from.  I listen, really listen.... Application isn't always easy, but you have to trust your gut.  It's ok to do things your way.  In the end, you have to be able to live with yourself and your decisions.  But, if I've learned anything, I've learned that you cannot be so narrow minded, or short sighted to think that you can never learn.....

His favorite line to me is, " don't just coach your kids, you are coaching your kid's kids....."

You're a great man Charlie, a gem.  Thank you:)

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