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Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Recently I got to attend the induction of one of my coaches, Casey Coons, into my university's Hall of Fame. It was such a special night for me.

The backstory is that due to some twists and turns in life, I was actually able to pay for college by playing football. Coach Coons, the head coach at Western Colorado University at the time, gave me that opportunity. I am forever grateful for him taking a chance on me.

Coach Coons was more than just a great coach to me. He represented hard work, integrity, and honesty. He was a mentor who taught me things that will serve me forever. When I am coaching hockey, sometimes I realize I'm saying things to players that he used to say to me. He was skilled at focusing on each athlete as an individual and making them realize their value.

I will never forget all this man did for me. I can only hope that in some small way I carry on his legacy through our work at Colorado Hockey Training.

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