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Mother's Day

How do I honor the person who has supported me through everything in my life?  My Mom, Lynn Tollar, was and still is so influential in everything I do.

Coach Benny, his mom Lynn, and his sister Andrea

In my house growing up, my Mom did it all.  She taught me the value of hard work, zest for life, compassion for others, and the deepest sense of the value of family.  During games, she would cheer for both teams out of good sportsmanship. She'd make sure I'd get to every early morning hockey practice, but she also made sure to teach me to be responsible for myself. One time I had to sit out of a game because I forgot a piece of equipment. She made sure I understood that my equipment was my responsibility, not hers.

My mom would nurse me through every bump, bruise, and break. When I would get home from practice or a game, she would always have a warm plate in the oven waiting for me. I can never thank her enough for her love. I would have never been able to start Colorado Hockey Training without everything she has taught me.

On this day, I'd like to not only wish my Mom a Happy Mother's Day, but every mother out there.  There is just a special bond between hockey players and their mothers. 

I love you, Mom!

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