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Father's Day

My father passed almost 20 years ago, and the one thing that I wish I could laugh with him about is how he was right about so many things. I thought I knew everything when I was a kid.  No one could tell me anything. Trust me, my father tried.

Now, as a father, I constantly catch myself saying things to my son and my hockey players that my Pops said to me. On this Father's Day I celebrate not just my dad, but all fathers-- people who were in my life and made such a profound impact on me. 

Pops, thanks for helping me learn humility, appreciate good times, push through hard times, and stand by the people I love and care about. Sports were a privilege to you, something to be thankful for. You knew that in the end, playing sports was about having fun.  

Thank you fathers everywhere.

And a special thank you to my son, Anson, for giving me my favorite job ever. 

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