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Benefits of Private Training

One of the things that I respect the most about hockey, is that there is nothing "natural" about it.  There is no running, jumping, etc.-- all the things we learn as we begin to move when we are small children.  A hockey player has to learn how to skate, stick-handle, put those things both together, and then navigate the ice with contact being introduced as well.  You never hear stories about people who have just started playing moving on to a professional career.  My point: hockey takes hard work.  Each person moves and learns their own way. This is why I believe private lessons and education can be so good for hockey players.

All teachers and coaches think differently, and I respect that.  My belief is that you don't have to completely wipe the slate clean when working with players.  Rather, I believe the best coaches learn how to make each player the best version of themselves. Unique, self-reliant, and determined to better themselves on their own should be the goals of good hockey trainers.

At Colorado Hockey Training, we use power skating, agility drills for both skating and stick handling, film, and off ice strengthening exercises to help players be the best that they can be.  I love the game of hockey, and I love teaching it even more.

-Coach Benny

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